I think I'm in trouble.....Leica SL2

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Re: I think I'm in trouble.....Leica SL2

My Leica path began with the Q.  I was so impressed, that I bought an SL shortly thereafter, but I only used it with M and R lenses.  Next came a CL, which truly gives the SL a run for its money.  Finally, I caved in and bought a Q2 (breaking a promise to myself that I would not do that).  Needless to say, I am very happy that I did.  The Q and the SL have since been sold.

Clearly, the OP has GAS, a state of mind that most of us have experienced.  Leica GAS is particularly bad, because of the costs involved. However, if one can comfortably afford to do so, I say indulge yourself.  Personally, I have never regretted purchasing any of my Leica gear, and I don't miss any of the Pentax and Sony cameras that I used in the past, as good as they were. I know that I would miss my Leicas if they were taken away.

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