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Re: Billingham camera bags ??

SonyOB wrote:

I do have an opinion about the Billingham brand.
They are not adequate camera bags. They offer no protection against dust or moisture. The pouches do not keep stuff securely in place. You need to get the insides from another manufacturer if you want to keep your material from scratching against each other.
I have had two of them. I gave them away to photographing family members.
Now I am looking for yet another bag and probably my choice is the 13" Peak Designs everyday bag. I have had the 15" as my everyday bag for three years now. The person(s) who designed it have clearly used it themselves.
There is a certain functionality I have not met in any other make.
This is an opinion based on my own daily use.

I don't know, They are definitely rain proof with the flap closed and secured but yes about dust issues and I've never had an issue with the pouches, except over time the filling in mine has decayed and they ooze a sort of tacky, sticky residue.

I've used a few over the years,

550 for35mm kit, the one I've just purchase new dividers for

335 for my RB67 and two lenses and that has been fine

Hadley for my small 35mm and DSLR kit, this is the one I'm having most issues over

and one of their budget Venture Gear bags, the VG380. with it's zippered Gladstone opening, my favourite actually, which comfortably holds my Pentax MX and three lenses but it's the Hadley I've got a love hate relationship with. I've tried some of the smaller Tamrac and Lowepro bags but find them too boxy and inflexible.

I'm currently considering a Crumbler Trooper, which could carry more than just photo gear on a day out.

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