Lumix G9 or Sony A7 III?

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Pe tru wrote:

I have a Nikon D3100 and I want to invest in a new camera. G9 and A73 seem to be two powerhouses but of course each is part of different leagues.

In my opinion, the difference between M43 and full-frame is rather technical and I believe it is possible to take pictures with both systems which can look identical to the bare eye.

The size and the weight don't matter to me and I actually like when the camera feels more sturdy, the G9 being more lightweight is not a big benefit to me.

Regarding the sensors, dynamic range looks fine to me on G9, but it does come short on high-ISO. Surely sensor-wise A73 is the way to go. Plus, the auto-focus is much better. In the end Sony has a better offer, if we consider only the body.

The reason I am inclined to buy G9 is the Leica 16-60 kit lens which must be much better than A73's 28-70 kit lens (please correct me if I'm wrong here). I want to start with the kit lens because they the most affordable and versatile and with time maybe buy a few more.

I am amateur and one of my reasons for this purchase is to get a camera with which I can learn photography and also use it for at least 5 years to come. I am also thinking of waiting to see what Nikon has to offer in terms of full-frame mirrorless, however I think this is just the beginning for them (*ahem Nikon 1), Sony and Panasonic seem to be more advances with mirrorless technology and Nikon and Canon have a bit of catch-up to do. So, I am not sure if it's worth the

The video is important to me and I think both G9 and A73 can deliver great results, even though Panasonic seems to be the one more "specialized" in the video domain.

The bottom line for me is that I want something versatile. I believe both cameras are good for any scenarios, except for G9 when shooting sports on a professional level. I believe I won't have to shoot sports any time soon, especially as a pro.


So, is it worth to buy G9 just for the 16-60 kit lens? I will only buy another lens after about 2 years.

Any advice would be of great value, thanks a lot for reading

There is a general consensus the Sony 'kit' lens isn't anything to brag about. Just going from reports so take that FWIW. There are however lots of good alternatives. Tamron makes a reportedly excellent 28-70 2.8 and several small f2.8 primes. Lots of 3rd party options with Sony and the selection appears to grow almost every day.

The PL 12-60 (12 not 16) is a bit of a mixed bag, but overall a very decent lens. If you like to shoot wide and plan to make big prints, the 12mm end will probably disappoint you. If you don't ever print big you may never notice the issues at 12mm. From 18mm up it is quite good. If you get the Pl 8-18 and pair it with the 12-60, using the 8-18 up to 18, then you have a very good 2 lens kit. I have both of them BTW.

The G9 is a good overall camera. The continuous AF is bad though. I hardly ever need to use it but my few attempts have revealed it to be almost useless.

In todays market I'd take a good hard look at both Canon and Nikon FF gear. I don't have any Nikon gear, but the Z5 looks like an excellent affordable FF camera.

I'll throw one other option out there, the Canon RP. I recently got one with the very light 24-105 f4-7.1 kit lens. Now don't let the aperture scare you. This lens is like a m43 12-52.5 f2-3.5 so it is actually faster than the Pl 12-60. If you are unsure of why, I can link you to an article explaining this. The lens is similar to the PL 12-60 in that the wide end suffers a bit due to distortion correction (common to a lot of mirrorless standard zooms).

Camera is small, light, but operates very comfortably. Large hands might find it a bit small. Canons RF glass is superb when you want to add on later and you can adapt any EF lens ever made opening up a huge world of excellent affordable glass. The AF on the Canon is vastly superior to the G9 as is the high ISO performance.

For something a bit bigger, the Canon R is similar size to the G9 and has an even better sensor than the RP. Great VF also as the G9 VF has real bad pincushion distortion. Both RP & R lack IBIS, but if using zooms this is a non-issue as all have IS and some primes do also. I have an R also and find it a superior camera for my needs to my G9 overall.

Just a couple of other options to consider from the point of view of a long time m43 user.

The G9 w PL 12-60 is certainly nice. I have this exact combo and especially with the PL 8-18 added it is a very capable setup. A few years ago it would be a top choice. Still a very good camera/lens, but a tougher choice now. Look hard at other alternatives and consider where you think the camera market will be in 5 years or so (i.e. not all brands/formats are going to survive).

Just want to add I do little to no video so I'm commenting on stills performance here.

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