D7500 and old 70-300 mm lens

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A few things.

There are a few things that will affect your image quality.  The first one, outside of the equipment, id the air condition.  The longer the exposure, the worse the image because of the blurring caused by the atmospheric conditions.

This blur is the worse soon after the sunset.  The best time for moon pictures is the morning of the last half just before sunrise.

A 300mm lens will give you only 650 pixels in the longer axis.  It's not a lot.  And the 70-300 VR G is not the best lens there is around 300mm.

Below are 2 pictures shot with a D7000.  One shot at 500mm with a Reflex Nikkor 500C in the early morning and the other shot at 1000mm with a MTO-11CA  You can see that the 1000mm picture is blurry when compared to the 500mm picture taken in the morning,

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