What inexpensive telephoto lens?

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Here's why I've lost belief, for now.

If you see the above post "not looking so good" you'll see what happens when I try that. The e-m10 plus the Canon 300mm does not materially outperform the Canon SX-50 superzoom in terms of resolved detail.

There is a theory from another post that the Oly 300 would look enough better than the Canon FD 300mm to make the whole effort worthwhile, but I'm skeptical.  The reason I'm skeptical is that I happen to have a Sony A6000 and its own Sony 55-210mm consumer grade AF zoom.  The Canon FD 300mm, which is a zoom, set at 210mm has optical performance at least as good as the Sony at 210mm. I've done those tests too.  So I'm not confident that the 300mm Oly will give so much better performance than I'm seeing with the Canon SX-50, enough to justify buying the Oly 300mm. Make sense?

BTW the Oly om-d em10 III is a nice little camera and its been fun to play around with even if my ambitions for it are a little overblown.

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