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Re: A thread of photos from SmartPhones ..

BratPix wrote:

Mark_A wrote:

Colourful and sharp.

I find when I am out and about, without my Nikon, I still on occassion want to snap a photo, so now I just use my phone.

Thank you Mark_A.

When I do not know whether I may take a picture (and of what), I tend to take my Swiss Army Knife, a Sony RX10iii, which is definitely more versatile than my phone. By the way, this Redmi 7 can shoot in RAW and is equipped with a 45 Mpix sensor, i..e., more pixels than my Nikon D810!

Is a Sony RX10iii a useful tool like a Swiss Army Knife? I don't know it if I am honest.

I actually also hadn't heard of a Redmi 7. RAW and 45mpx certainly seems something to take seriously. I have a D800 - also 36mpx like your D810. Have to say I can't see myself needing more than 36mpx for quite a while yet if ever

I think my Moto G7 Power has an 8mpx chip pointing forwards, it seems enough for the sort of images I take with it. And more than my last dslr had.


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