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flyinglentris wrote:

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flyinglentris wrote:

...intentionally sought conflict...

What do you mean with that?

There is a difference between chaos in an image and conflict.

In general, an image should be considered for its linguistic values, its meaning to an audience or spectator. But at the same time, the image should be motile in its content, enough to retain the interest and appeal of its audience or spectator. That motile composition has many facets that are, in the 2d picture frame, physiological and connected to human vision, the eye and its neurological connection to the human spirit. Overall, the image should have a fluid motile equilibrium and completeness. The elements of an image may be smoothly integrated or they may compete or conflict. The emotion generated by image elements does not matter so much, so long as the equilibrium of the elements is fostered toward the image's completeness and lack of chaos.

And then, there is the psychological aspect of an image, the message, the connection to real world experience and the statement conceived by the artist or photographer and how that statement may be interpreted by the audience or spectator. Here, conflict has a different meaning an impact, stimulating conscious and subconscious components of human cognition.

A mastery or at least a fluency in composition and a capacity to convey through the language of images, a message, harmonious or conflicting, is the skill of the artist or photographer that makes any technique applicable. Here we are discussing composite lighting.

Intentional conflict in an image is often helpful to peak interest, but chaos and lack of equilibrium, a lack of completeness will make an image next to useless.

To wit then, a client who is on the receiving end of an image or series of images using composite lighting would have no objections, if the technique achieved good equilibrium and completeness, serving the purpose the photographs were sought for.

Hahaha, no, just kidding. Well formulated. And I agree! Inspiring how you have put it!

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