Powerful modelling lights why?

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Re: Powerful modelling lights why?

rumple wrote:

Landscrape wrote:


So a 20W CRI 92 really isn't that bright huh? I might have to take the heat for granted then

To convert LED power into incandescent equivalent, multiply the LED by about seven.

So 20W is about 140W equivalent, which almost bright enough to control pupils (not an issue for you) but not for video.

Back to your original question, a 'powerful' modelling light (let's say that starts at about 250W incandescent or about 35W LED) helps to quickly visualized the image as you move the lights around, and to see what happens to stray light - unintended reflections from surfaces around the subject.

For still life, I would avoid incandescent due to heat, but LEDs don't project heat so they would be fine.

Hahaha, you are not making it any easier for me. But I do appreciate your input greatly! Even more so.... If I choose the ELC, which uses LED modelling lights I could buy one or two 500w/s units and one or two 125w/s units. That would save me quite some money.

With the ELC Pro HD there is only 500w/s units. So more expensive. Though much simpler (more organized) to adjust the fill lights proportionally to the main light because they all have the same power I guess?

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