Surprising Canon EOS RP vs Olympus E-M5 III comparison test

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Re: Surprising Canon EOS RP vs Olympus E-M5 III comparison test

It’s not surprisingly at all. I’m sure people will correct me where I went wrong.

The original Canon 6D was an amazing camera at the time, good value for money and people had high expectations for the successor. However, when the 6D2 came out, people weren’t happy with it crippled video features and poor dynamic range. The older Nikon D750 had superior dynamic range and the few months later the 5D4 came out with better dynamic range than the 6D2.

The reality is the Canon 6D2 should had been an excellent value for money hybrid Full Frame camera like Sony was able to do with the A73. I saw one video of a landscape photographer who own a 6D ended up getting the 5D4 instead of the 6D2 due to the dynamic range issue.

The RP is base on the 6D2 to keep the cost down, use the same sensor and have roughly the same dynamic range. The Em5.3 is a reskinned three year old Em1.2. Both cameras use out of date sensors and processors. However the fact my Gh5 has roughly the same dynamic range as the Canon 6D2 say everything you need to know.

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