A thread of photos from SmartPhones ..

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Re: A thread of photos from SmartPhones ..

softmarmotte wrote:

unlike many some on these fora, i have no objection to phone cameras but i only ever use mine for taking informational pics for whatsapp/google keep

that is the reason i have 2 light and small cameras. they are with me 90% of the time and fit into a small handbag but then i am not a spur of the moment kind a guy

nice composition btw but for me it's a bit 'vague' if you know what i mean

If you always have a proper camera with you that is great. My Nikon is too large and heavy to always have with me, for me, my phone is useful as a second camera.

The image quality from my phone has impressed me. It is only 8mpx I believe, the lens is tiny, but it works.


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