Is this Minolta lens fake?

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needs a service

Altmeta wrote:

First of all, I am extremely grateful to all of you for taking the time to respond to my post.

As a complete novice in the photography world, your expertise has been very useful. The buyer has sent me some photos of the lens saying that on further inspection, he's notice oil on the aperture blades. Thankfully he has attached a couple of photographs and it does seem to be somewhat defective. I am going to accept the return request, however, does it mean the lens is no good for anybody?

Photos of the oil stains:

Any advice will be highly appreciated.

Thank you again.

The lens just needs a service .

Once the aperture blades are cleaned the lens will be good as new .

With oil on them it stops them moving as smoothly and quickly as they should resulting in an over-exposed picture (ie , too bright ) .

This does of course effect the value .

So either you can pay a service centre to give the lens a clean , or you can re-list the lens stating the faults ( ie , state it has an oily aperture and would benefit from a full CLA ; Clean , Lubricate & Adjust ) .

Personally , I'd just put it back on ebay including the pictures of the aperture and sell it as is .

List it under the category of spares / repairs with no returns and someone will buy it and be very happy .

The repair is simple for someone that knows how , and is no big deal .

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