What inexpensive telephoto lens?

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Re: What inexpensive telephoto lens?

According to some, on the forthcoming release of the Olympus telephoto zooms, the bottom will fall out of the price of the used PanaLeica 100-400 market, so it may be prudent to wait until that happens, as no doubt a lot of people will be offloading perfectly good examples of this lens to get the latest and greatest - my thoughts would be lenses coming to the market at that point are more likely to be those that will have passed user quality control and handling, so it could be a good time to be in that market soon.

I also think it would be a good time for Panasonic to release a compatible teleconverter, maybe 1.25x so as to not push the limits too far but get good reach additions and useable f numbers still. I would certainly snap one up!

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