Quick Focus Macro Video?

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Re: Quick Focus Macro Video?

Alice0102 wrote:

Thanks, Sean. Considering screw drive and tweezers are in each hand and you are trying to work through a view find with a part that is .5 mm(a couple corse human hairs) and it becomes extremely challenging—even under excellent lighting and a strong loupe. I often work at a distance of three inches or less.

I've tried working via a stereo microscope and for a very short time when examining jewels or pinions it is ok, but very disorienting after a while. So, working under a viewfinder would be as difficult. In fact, I tried an experiment working with my iPhone as my cam and it was impossible for me.


In electronics repair (which these days is almost at the same level wrt size as watchmaking) it is common to use trinocular microscopes, which gives you stereo microscopy as well as a simultaneous video output to large display. For electronics this is useful because it gives you both options, and the ability to keep your face well away from hazardous operations., and good ergonomics for some work.

See for example: https://www.youtube.com/user/rossmanngroup/search?query=microscope

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