How could I have made this a good photo?

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Re: How could I have made this a good photo?

I’m only looking on a phone but it is too small in the frame for your camera to be expected to nail the focus plus it’s underexposed, poorly lit, facing away from the camera and the shutter speed is so high the rotor blades are so sharp the look as if they were stationary. It’s a grab shot with no planning so you cannot expect the camera to solve the shortcomings.
If you want a picture of a helicopter, go somewhere Like an airport or heliport where you can get close to helicopters flying at slow speeds or hovering, position yourself where the light falls on the helicopter and expose for that rather than for the sky. Use a shutter speed of, say 125th of a second to allow some blurring of the blades.

As with all pictures you need to decide what you want and plan to achieve that.

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