What inexpensive telephoto lens?

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Not too promising

So, as I mentioned, apart from just having a little fun with a camera I'd never tried, the main motivation was to see if I could improve IQ over my Canon SX-50 superzoom without getting the camera size and weight to large.

Before buying a 300mm lens for the E-M10 III, I decided to try it with an old Canon FD 300mm lens I had. I knew that lens to be at least ok.

I was able to determine that I can hand hold the Oly with the old 300mm beast attached and focus it with the IS enabled and set to 300mm. That's very nice. I know I can't do that without IS.

However, the resolution gain just doesn't seem to be there and I don't think it is the lens. Here are crops of two shots, one with the Oly and one with the Canon SX-50. Both are handheld. This test does not lead me to want to spend more money on continuing this experiment. To bother with this I'd need to believe I was chasing some big improvement. I can imagine, however, that the upcoming 400mm lens may show up better than this. So, I'll wait and see what the size and price of that are. (Apart from cropping to the test chart I haven't tweaked these, just to avoid one more variable.)  These were both taken at about 40 feet in bright light, which is fairly typical for my bird/animal shooting, except for grizzlies which I always want to be further away.

Anyone want to chime in? Do you think that the Oly 75-300mm in such a test would beat the SX-50 by enough to make this a worthwhile venture?

Crop of Oly e-m10 image at 300mm 5.6 with Canon FD MF lens

Crop from Canon SX-50 HS at faux 1200mm

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