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James Stirling wrote:

Emsquared wrote:

Im kinda jealous that folks with hi res mode could use a crop of a high res shot if subject was still. If oly wasnt bye bye they might have come out with low loss digital zoom this way eventually

You can make high resolution shots with any camera by doing the work in post. All that the in-camera modes do is make it more convenient

Making it more convenient is the main point. You can also do digital zoom in post, but it's not nearly the same experience as it being a button away in camera.

The person I replied to does not have the high res mode . I was simply pointing out that you can achieve high res images with any camera. It also suffers from the exact same limitations with regard to motion

Same thing with HDR modes. Smartphones make it so convenient (and does a good enough job of removing artifacts) that it can easily be used as the default mode. Camera makers haven't been able to do the same. The in camera ones don't do anywhere near as good a job removing artifacts, and using bracketing to do it in post is involves much more work.

I agree it is more convenient no question about that I would not do it to 100 photos from a trip but for the odd one off it is easy enough to do

No wonder smartphones are eating camera makers' lunches.

I think a big part of it is their connectability take a photo post a photo almost instantly . While there are some very talented folk using mobiles and you so see some very good results. The vast majority simply don't care , when you look at the typical Facebook etc photo-post it is more about sharing than quality. Endless photos of me having dinner , me in the pub me whatever, selfies of women making "duck faces"  I am not sure who decided that was a good pose  .

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