Compositing for Lighting

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Re: Compositing for Lighting

I think it can be a legitimate technique to use... Actually I thought about asking what other photographers think of it!

Because the scene and the camera do not move, I think it's still OK. When is a photo too much artificial? What if it's done in such a way that you can't tell? (as a regular viewer!) Is it still cheating? Does the viewer enjoy the picture any less because of it, if they can't tell?

Often photographers who like this technique work with pen tablets/wacom. Do you guy's like to use that for composite lighting and layer masks? I mean, I can see why it matches well...

I have seen guy's using portable flashlights on sticks to light out an entire villa with swimming pool in many shots and at different times of the day (including sunset). Even over the course of more then one day (to wait for a spectacular sunset). I can appreciate those shots if they are done well. I will notice that it's too perfect to be true, but still I appreciate the shot and the work that has gone into it! Night time shots of villa's can be beautiful too sometimes. Every window can be "painted in" separately with artificial light. Yeah I like composite shots...

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