Would you pay for additional FW updates?

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Would you pay for additional FW updates?

Let's say Nikon would release a firmware update, say FW 4.0, that extends the functionality of the Z6/Z7. Let's say Nikon charges for the update a certain price. Would you buy it?

With extends I mean that it adds features that have not been part of the camera that you bought. E.g. improvement to face detection is not an extension, but e.g., detection of birds is. Because, when you bought the camera, potentially it could detect faces already, but it couldn't detect birds.

Just curious on what is your opinion and let's ignore the technical, legal, software piracy, digital rights, etc. issues that come with digital products.

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Definitely not, I would never buy a firmware upgrade, Nikon should not do that!
17.8% 19  votes
Probably not, I'd save the money and invest in a new body.
9.3% 10  votes
Probably yes, depends on the price and features of course.
68.2% 73  votes
Definitely, I am desperate for more updates!
4.7% 5  votes
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