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Look back to Sep 2019 - Animal Kingdom w/18-135mm lens

Just because it's not something I'd make its own thread for, and to keep photos circulating around these boards however possible, I figured I'd have some fond lookbacks to pre-coronavirus times when one could travel to places like Disney World without any restrictions.  I got far behind on posting any of my last 3-4 trips to Disney as there aren't too many fans on these boards of the parks - but since for the first time since 1972 I may go as long as a year without a visit to Disney parks, I figured the weekly thread is a good spot for some rememberances.

The following were shot in September 2019 at Animal Kingdom park, with the A6300 and 18-135mm lens combo as it was brutally hot and I didn't feel like lugging the bigger lenses along:

An orange lizard, shot through dirty terrarium glass

A very fat, camouflaged toad

The hyena was gnawing on something out in his field...a bone

This hyena didn't have a bone, and looked interested in the other hyena's bone

A young giraffe following one of the safari trucks

Some of the scenery on the Kilimanjaro safari ride - a baobab tree in the distance, and a pond full of flamingos (and a few Florida ibis mixed in)

Bontebok grazing

White rhinoceros looking like he's trying to move a tree - actually, just scratching his nose...the food truck is arriving in the background

A zebra walking along right to the edge of his space - the animals are given very large, fenceless areas to roam, but these metal brush-like things keep them from getting into another animal's space - in this case, the little gulley where the meercats live

Speaking of the's one at the entrance to the burrow

There's a viewing window near the rock caves so you can see the lowland gorillas heading into their shady spot...but the gorillas seem to actually like heading over to the glass and lying right against it - where they can watch the strange ape-like creatures with colorful cloths covering their hairless bodies

Around the other side of their enclosure, over a suspension bridge, you can look back across a deep ravine and see them without the glass.  This one seemed to be expecting something to happen, and wondering why it's taking so long

When one of the strange juvenile hairless pale primates across the river started acting up and screaming at its parent, the gorilla reacted with surprise and anguish

Then she was just embarrassed for the pale hairless primates who can't seem to control their kids

But big poppa gorilla didn't seem to be interested in any of it - don't bother him with kids - not hairless ones across the river, or even his own.  Just give him space to scratch his bum and watch the show

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