Comet - what did I do wrong

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Re: Comet - what did I do wrong

Thank you for your comment. I don't know if the 500 rule is outdated, though it actually was based on 35mm film. Nevertheless It may be a guideline:

Of course You could also use the NPF-rule that is also discussed on the site linked above (see screenshot of the Photopills app at the bottom) or

Sometimes the limits are similar to the 500 rule. In my case it would have been 1 sec, too. Of course I know that long exposure time will result in star trails though I wasn't familiar with those rules before. In fact I didn't expect just 6 sec to be way too long by using my 400mm lens. I'm not much into astrophotography but have taken countless good aurora shots on my trips and never experienced star trails. But those were taken with wide angle lenses. So it certainly was my fault not to take the focal length into account.



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