Do Lenses Make A Difference? Have A Look

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Re: Do Lenses Make A Difference? Have A Look

MrBrightSide wrote:

Elaborate. Sounds like you find it not useful.

I have nothing against the tool. I am just saying that the Hollywood movies became so awful that lenses cannot save them. It was an answer to the question in the subject line. Fortunately, the Netflix and such make really good stuff, IMO.

Also, if you don't want to monkey around with the 4-up viewer, you can watch the individual vids on youtube

Here at

J A C S wrote:

With content like what they have recently, they do not.

I remember a thread about bokeh in movies. Some posters said that if was much worse than what most of us consider great bokeh despite those movies having big budgets, etc. In other words, who are we to be so picky... They did post some examples of really poor bokeh. I was saying there that very often, the bokeh beats everything we can do with our lenses, by a lot; and posted examples, too.

One relatively recent movie which impressed me a lot with its lenses and cinematography in general was Birdman. The wide use of WA lenses was very original. Here is an interview with the cinematographer. Of course, no much bokeh there.

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