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Bing Chow wrote:

Pendraggon87 wrote:

My issue with the camera backpacks I've had already is honestly they are just SO uncomfortable - that Boundary backpack is awful. The other I have is a Lowepro (not sure which model), and my issue is that my back gets covered in sweat, and while side access was nice, it was still clunky, and I just couldn't fit much in the bag beyond a light fleece. Bags that might be interesting if I were looking at camera bags:

I'm starting to resign to the fact that back sweat is inevitable. It depends on ambient temp and your exertion level. Camera bags are worse because no matter how many channels they cut into the back panel or what mesh they employ, you will sweat. But it's a choice I fully accept because photographically, they work for me. I've never put myself in a situation where getting wet would be the difference between happy hiking and hypothermia. It's just a nuisance.

Peak Design 20L Everyday

ThinkTank BackLight 26L

MindShift Rotation 180 Panorama

I have the Rotation Horizon 34L. The waist pack is big enough for a full-sized DSLR ungripped and 2 chunky Sigma Arts. It is a bit of a one-trick pony though. Its claim to fame really does work. I can rotate the waist pack and stow it back in and close the magnetic latch with one hand. When you're wearing the bag, it's wonderful. When you're not, then it's a pain in azz to get the camera. I'm 5'11", torso length maybe 19" and I think I'm at the upper limit for this bag. It lacks adjustable torso height to truly make it awesome.

Osprey or Atlas hiking pack with either F-Stop ICUs or Tenba BYOBs

I love my Osprey Stratos 36. The tension back is absolutely amazing. I think its max recommended load is 35lbs, but I load it up with 42lbs to walk on a treadmill. It handles 42lbs more comfortably than a Gregory Baltoro 85. Not a typo. You would think a big beast of a bag with the pedigree of Gregory can handle 40-45lbs. Nope. The Baltoro hurts my hips every time. Fit is so unique. If you can try before committing, I strongly recommend you try.

Osprey's tension back also reduces sweating too. However, due to my exertion (I am trying to exercise, after all), I sweat out regardless.

Flipside Trek BP 450 AW

f-stop guru UL

Ideally, I'd want a bag that can hold a tripod and water bottle/hydration pack, a tablet/slim laptop, and then my camera and some lenses.

Would also love recommendations on a good small bag if I were to bring a camera, some filters, and just one or two lenses around - don't want to bring a backpack everywhere.

From a strap perspective, really been looking at the Peak Design Slide strap - looks comfy. I have this aftermarket strap that's missing a piece, and though I love having storage in the strap, it was never very comfortable. Last, was looking at Cotton Carrier or the Capture Pro - somehow I like the idea of having the camera anchored within easy reach and not bouncing on my neck.

I think my ideal hiking combo would be centered around an Osprey in one form or another, and a Nikon Z + 24-200mm, attached to the D-rings on each shoulder strap via short straps. I shall defer to others to explore this idea further because it's not really my thing.

Thank you for the thoughtful and helpful responses, really appreciated!  What do you use in your Osprey to store lenses?  Do you find it difficult to easily switch lenses?  I just recently purchased the Peak Design Slide strap, and I have some no-name sling strap with a plate, which should be nice when walking around so it's no longer bouncing on my neck, but having an easy way to swap lenses or put the camera away would be nice.  Does the bag support a hydration bladder, or ability to have  a water bottle in one pocket and tripod secure in another?

Also - any thoughts on a  small bag that's enough to hold the camera with lens, one other lens, and a couple of spare batteries?  Shoulder/sling bag is fine, just for cases where I may go out for the evening and not want to lug the backpack.

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