July 2020 Part 2 — This Month Through Your Adapted Lens

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Re: Canon TV-16 50mm f1.4 (C-mount)

Alan WF wrote:

The first photograph has superb framing of you and your bike against the background. Both have just the right amount of selective focus to reduce emphasis on the background but keep it as part of the scene, connecting the viewer to the wider experience.



Thank you.

Achieving enough separation between subjects that aren't close is my biggest challenge on Micro 4/3. There are not many adapted lenses that are faster than f1.4 and even those kind of suffer a bit of CA when used in contrasting light. I am not too fussed about a bit of a purple fringe here and there and if totally disturbing I edit it out. But its that blurred area in the background so different to modern lenses  that drives me to use mainly adapted glass.

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