Dedicated backpack vs camera backpack

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Re: Dedicated backpack vs camera backpack

Bing Chow wrote:

Pendraggon87 wrote:

Any tips would be appreciated! Currently leaning towards getting a regular hiking backpack, and hope that it can support holding a tripod and a water bottle, as well as finding a good insert that can protect the camera equipment

My preference is for camera backpacks. While I agree that dedicated hiking bags are more comfortable, that advantage is mostly evident if you hike long distances or carrying a lot of weight. So ask yourself: How far are you hiking? What kind of terrain? What kind of elevation change? How much weight are you carrying? And most importantly, consider the kind of camera access you prefer.

I have bags from Lowepro, Mindshift, Shimoda, and Think Tank. I might carry 15-25lbs on my photo trips. I might walk up to 12km a day in a typical national park. I have never found my bags lacking in comfort to the point that my body aches and ruins my day. Sometimes I strap my full sized tripod (4lbs) to the side of the bag. Half the time, I just sling it over my shoulder if I'm just moving short distances as I'm exploring a particular spot. I also don't have any health issues or chronic injuries to speak of.

I'm a photographer first and foremost, so I appreciate the access that camera bags give. I plop the bag down, open the panel, and it's all there. When I wanna move on, I drop my camera in, zip up the panel, and go. I typically carry 1 body, 3-4 lens, filter kit.

But if I'm doing real hiking, covering 20km/day, carrying all sorts of backcountry stuff, and just one body + 2 lens, I'd choose an Osprey. I don't like dealing with a separate insert to get at the camera, but it's a compromise I would make for all day comfort and support.

There's no right or wrong. Both styles are legit. You just got figure out what your priorities are.

Any preference on camera backpacks?  My issue mostly was that Boundary and the old Lowepro I have just had me sweating buckets and in a lot of pain.

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