Suggest me a good Fujifilm Lens Kit

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Hugh Barstead Forum Member • Posts: 68
Re: Suggest me a good Fujifilm Lens Kit

Fuji XF 16 f/2.8, XF 35 f/2.0 and XF50 f/2.0 are are all weather resistant and fit within your budget with room for accessories. This leaves the range between 70 to 100mm (equivalent) out, but by the sounds of it that may not be important to you. Faster lenses than these will eat up your budget very quickly, unless you can live without autofocus. 
Square lens hoods are available by the score on Amazon.
I wouldn’t bother with the grip unless you can get a great deal on a camera / grip combo. You can always add it later if required.
If there’s any reason this combo would not work for you please explain and perhaps more refined suggestions could be made.

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