Dedicated backpack vs camera backpack

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Re: Dedicated backpack vs camera backpack

Thanks for all the tips!  From a hiking perspective, I never do multi-day hikes.  The longest hikes I typically do are around 6-8 hours honestly.  Important that the backpack be able to either go under the seat in front or overhead bin on a plane.

My issue with the camera backpacks I've had already is honestly they are just SO uncomfortable - that Boundary backpack is awful.  The other I have is a Lowepro (not sure which model), and my issue is that my back gets covered in sweat, and while side access was nice, it was still clunky, and I just couldn't fit much in the bag beyond a light fleece.  Bags that might be interesting if I were looking at camera bags:

Peak Design 20L Everyday

ThinkTank BackLight 26L

MindShift Rotation 180 Panorama

Osprey or Atlas hiking pack with either F-Stop ICUs or Tenba BYOBs

Flipside Trek BP 450 AW

f-stop guru UL

Ideally, I'd want a bag that can hold a tripod and water bottle/hydration pack, a tablet/slim  laptop, and then my camera and some lenses.

Would also love recommendations on a good small bag if I were to bring a camera, some filters, and just one or two lenses around - don't want to bring a backpack everywhere.

From a strap perspective, really been looking at the Peak Design Slide strap - looks comfy.  I have this aftermarket strap that's missing a piece, and though I love having storage in the strap, it was never very comfortable.  Last, was looking at Cotton Carrier or the Capture Pro - somehow I like the idea of having the camera anchored within easy reach and not bouncing on my neck.

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