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Re: Vivitar Series 1 24-48mm

fferreres wrote:

vivaldibow wrote:

Alan WF wrote:

Yes, 24-48 on full-frame is a very useful set of focal lengths. I see significant lateral CA in the third photograph, on the left, but nothing that bad in the others. Was this at 24 mm and the others at longer focal lengths?



Alan, sharp eyes. Yes, I noticed that. It is like 28-35mm. Some 24mm shots have more severe CA. This mount of CA I have only seen on a Nikon 105mm 2.5 non AI.

There are two non AI formulas. The Sonnar and the “newer” one launched by mid 60s iirc. I haven’t found much CA to complain about in the older one.

Hmm, I had thought there are only two formulas, one Sonnar, one Gauss. Let me do some research.

I happen to have a few other zooms in this range. Will check them


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