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Re: I want a D850 | Ticket to the Titanic?

I think you might benefit from my perspective. I had a complete D850 system, while i loved most things about it i was worried about loosing the value of my kit (rightfully so) and so i sold it to buy into the Sony ecosystem with the A9II. However i just never came to like the Sony system as much as i loved my Nikon gear. For a number of reasons, i did find though that i could never live without Eye-af again.

I have now sold the A9II along with all my Sony lenses. Not because i fear the price will tank, but because i was really missing the performance of my D850 and i find there are a lot of compromises once you really get to know sonys system. But what i missed the most was especially the sensor and the Nikon legacy lenses. You just cannot buy a professional Sony super-telephoto prime without breaking the bank.

So right now i am on the side-line. I have been contemplating rebuying the D850 again, but that would be a completely backwards move. The Z series is 100% the future and hand to my heart i believe Nikon will pull out a real special kind of rabbit out of that currently very black hat.

When it comes down to it, in my opinion the current Z6/Z7 is just not appealing. It is worse than the D850 in many ways. What i am looking forward to is the Nikon Z7s that will show up within the next couple of months and the mythical Z8/Z9 possibly already next year.

You could buy the D850 now, it is still the best camera on the market mirrorless or not. Even without the much loved eye-af functions. But it is nearing a very large brick wall in the horizon and once it hits that wall, it will loose its resale value. If you can live with that, go ahead. You will still own one of the best camera systems on earth years in the future.

But if you are like me, bide your time, think things through carefully and order the new body once it comes out.

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