Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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I was referring to if Canon abandoned the EF system

I know. I just think you're being unrealistic to expect a 3rd party company to create something that's a better EF mount DSLR than the 5DIV.

It would be possible if say Canon drops the EF system say in a month and another company starts work to simply improve on the 5D line a year from now. They would not even nees to make it super advance. It could even only have 1080p video but people would buy for the photography side if they are part of the EF system.

What makes you think your hypothetical DSLR white knight can deliver a 5D4 successor in one year when Pentax, which has actually been building DSLRs for heaven knows how long, can’t replicate a 5D4’s performance on full frame? I mean, K-1 does have nice features missing from 5D4 like IBIS, but at 4.4fps, it is clearly much less of an all-purpose camera than the 5D4, and it is not as if Pentax is applying a cripple hammer to it to make room for a higher-end action camera.

I could easily see a company providing similar specs to the 5D4 with some minor updates. Even if it is not a huge difference, consumers love a upgrade path. Imagine a company combined the specs of the 5D4 with the MP of the 5Ds with a flip out screen. Minor, I know, but I think if there was no more EF bodies being made, some would enjoy it. Not saying it would happen, just saying there is an opening if Canon decides to let the line die.

You missed my point. Contrary to what Kickstarter may lead you into believing, one cannot simply wish a product into existence; you need to have the requisite competence to design and manufacture one. If the modern DSLR were so easy to copy, some no-name Chinese vendor would have come up with an EOS clone a long time ago, because even shaving off a small share off of Rebels would have meant serious money. But the reality is that even Pentax, with a rich legacy of developing their own DSLRs, is finding it too costly to match 5D4 feature for feature.

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