A6600 vs A6500 noise performance

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Re: A6600 vs A6500 noise performance

Check what your NR settings are set to in the menu...if set to low or off that will obviously let more noise be visible.

Note that cameras in general have been defaulting towards allowing a little more grain in favor of not losing fine details, and that's been a trend with most cameras over the past few years - so it also could be that you're not used to the grain, but are getting significantly more fine detail.  Unless viewing blown up to 100% on a big monitor or making prints several feet wide and looking at them from a few inches away, grain doesn't really show up much in use, but lack of details is definitely noticeable.

If the amount of noise is something you don't want and even at the highest NR setting there's still too much, you can always pick up a noise reduction software to run your photos through - they're not that expensive, and they're are even a few older free ones around.  They may sacrifice detail, but can dump the noise.

I find the ISO noise performance has stepped up about 1/2 to 2/3 stop on the A6600 over my A6300 - I get higher detail retention and lower noise (I set both cameras to 'low' NR), but the noise itself is nicer on the A6600 - finer grain, less blotchy, and less color noise (chroma).  The A6300 was a pretty nice step up over the A6000 before it in addressing chroma noise, so each generation has ended up tailored a bit more to how I like JPGs - as the ISO goes up, prioritize color and detail, and allow a little more noise as long as it's all luminance, fine-grain, and uniform - no blotchy noise and no chroma color noise.

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