Which FE-Mount "Normal" Lens for Around $500

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Re: Which FE-Mount "Normal" Lens for Around $500

Foto4x4 wrote:

BrentSchumer wrote:

So I'm thinking of upgrading to either an A7III or A7IV, and would pick up:

  • A7III/A7IV
  • Tamron 28-200mm
  • Tamron 17-28mm (future)
  • Normal Lens

What would you recommend for a 45mm-55mm lens on FE mount for $500 or less? The FE50mm seems perfectly serviceable. The Samyang 45mm F1.8 seems like a worthy upgrade. Is there anything else that I should consider?

I’m constantly impressed with the Samyang 45/f1.8. Sharp, V Good AF, nice blurry backgrounds, Bokeh balls okay, but at 45mm it’s actually closer to the view of a human eye than 50mm despite 50mm being considered “normal” on 35mm formats.

See here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normal_lens

+1 with Samyang 45/1.8. Their new Tiny series are pretty good for modern 3rd party. Gone are the days when they only had those MF lenses with no electronics. Fits the bill for those in budget and you get most of your $ for IQ.

Check/wait for rebates for any of these SY lenses.

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The best gear is the one you have at that moment.

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