Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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It wouldn't make financial sense

Rakumi wrote:

SQLGuy wrote:

Rakumi wrote:

I was referring to if Canon abandoned the EF system

I know. I just think you're being unrealistic to expect a 3rd party company to create something that's a better EF mount DSLR than the 5DIV.

It would be possible if say Canon drops the EF system say in a month and another company starts work to simply improve on the 5D line a year from now. They would not even nees to make it super advance. It could even only have 1080p video but people would buy for the photography side if they are part of the EF system.

The capital outlay for Canon to make EF-mount DSLRs is at least an order of magnitude smaller than anyone else.  If Canon decides that it's not worth their while to make new EF-mount DSLRs I can't see a new company would calculate the demand so differently.

Frankly the only crazy scenario I could imagine would be an existing DSLR manufacturer making their existing DSLRs compatible with EF lenses.  And, since pretty much all DSLR manufacturers make lenses, it seems about as likely as Canon making an inkjet printer that takes HP ink.

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