Wacom Cintiq vs Wacom Tablet and what size for photo retouching

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Re: Wacom Cintiq vs Wacom Tablet and what size for photo retouching

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I am thinking about switching to a tablet or Wacom Cintiq for photo editing. I usually do not dabble in “art” drawings, just retouching my photos. Mouse seems too imprecise at times and now my hand hurts using mouse for too long.

What is your experience about these options? What works best for you and why?

Do you still use both Wacom and mouse or just Wacom?

Also, size is a concern. Small, medium or large? I don’t have enough money to buy one of each and try for myself to find out.

General consensus is:

1 monitor, a6 tablet

2 monitors, medium a5 tablet.

Arts designer a4 tablet.

0 monitors, 1 Cintiq Pro

How big? and how you like it compared to normal setup of monitor and mouse or tablet?

Mine's the Pro 24.

1. Ergonomically, it's much, much better for my neck, eyes and hand.

2. I much prefer using a pen directly on a display to working with a mouse or a separate tablet. I still use a mouse when that's more useful or simpler.

3. Colour. Out of the box, it wasn't that good - about 92% of Adobe RGB. With calibration using the Wacom branded i1 Display Pro, it's now essentially 100% of Adobe RGB with max deltaE under 1. However, that device only allows you to calibrate the 2 custom slots, and you can't change the monitor brightness  for those slots afterward.   To calibrate the other slots, you need to use a different instrument (the XRite branded version or some other).

(Caveat: that's according to what I've figured out; Wacom is not exactly forthcoming with information or help.)

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