Canon vs Sony is more about human nature than tech

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Re: Canon vs Sony is more about human nature than tech

Interesting thread. Some years ago at our camera club a guy, who since became a good friend, mocked me for using a Mac. PC stands for “Proper Computer” he said. Then his daughter married a computer technician who specialised in Apple products. 
Guess what he’s used and evangelised about for the last 20 years! 😉

I’m in the process of selling all my Sony gear and moving to FF Canon mirrorless gear (for lots of reasons) but I don’t intend to go onto the Sony forums and bleat about things I didn’t like. I’ve no doubt there will things about Canon R that will niggle but so what? Nothing in life is perfect but we’re here and we’re alive so let’s just give thanks for everything we’ve got and stop worrying about stuff we haven’t.



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