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Re: OM Zuiko 35-105 f/3.5-4.5

Alan WF wrote:

Yes, the 35-100 (in your case 105) focal lengths were among my favourites when I used MFT. I do very much like your last photograph.

What is the difference between "Zuiko" and "OM Zuiko" lenses? I know Zuiko has been used for many different Olympus lenses, not just OM mount, but I would have thought your 24/2.8 et al. were OM lenses too. Educate me, please!

I'm no expert, but I'll try!

'Zuiko' seems to have been Olympus' brand name for as far back as I've seen.

Older Zuiko lenses (including the Pen-F film half-frame cameras, some M42 lenses, and the OM lenses) used a letter code in front of the 'Zuiko' to indicate the number of elements, but that was phased out around the start of the 80s. Late OM lenses and 4/3 lenses were just 'Zuiko'. Then Micro 4/3 lenses were called 'M.Zuiko' to differentiate from the 4/3 SLR lenses.

I normally just call my OM lenses 'Zuiko' when I enter the name in the Oly cameras' EXIF tagging system - shorter to enter when you're punching out the name letter-by-letter. And for a while that's how I referred to them when posting here. But recently I've been trying to remember to include the 'OM' to indicate I'm using those lenses - and not the Pen-F lenses, or some of the odder Zuikos (I recently saw references to M39 rangefinder Zuikos?)

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