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Re: Post your DTC photos

James Stirling wrote:

I was tinkering with some samples form the Nikon 24-200mm . This is a quarter crop of a quarter crop { 800mm FOV } . Then up-sized to 12x8" output with Topaz Gigapixel ai

Thanks for posting.

Although I feel no need for FF because m4/3 works so well for travel, I think if I did get a FF camera it would probably be the new Nikon Z5 + Nikon 24-200mm and then add one fast prime lens.  If the coronavirus turns out to make travel much more difficult in the future because of some airlines, hotels, etc. going belly up, harder to get visas, etc. then I might have to think about shifting my focus to another photographic interest.  Then FF might be something I would consider.  Having said that, my m4/3 still satisfies most of the time.  I had a recent thread where I looked at my Lightroom stats for all my m4/3 photos going back 8.5 years and very few were at higher than ISO 800 and over 80% were at ISO 200 or less, even with f4-5.6 lenses which I use the most.

original frame { downsized } showing the cropped area

Final output, perhaps a step too far

That looks quite good.  I bet it would make a very nice, big print.

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