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That Google DTC is pretty cool

JakeJY wrote:

A real TC will almost always result in a better image, but the problem with a real TC is you have to first have one and you also have to attach it. Digital teleconverter (or Digital Zoom in Panasonic cameras) comes free with the camera and is a button away.

Kind of off topic, but I wish camera manufacturers can try some of the super resolution modes like Google Pixel does. It's similar to but not quite as demanding as HHHR. By using this only tied to digital zoom, it allows the camera to ignore the unused parts of the sensor area and get a faster burst of images.


I had not heard of that. Pretty cool. Do you think the processors in our cameras can handle it? They can do handheld HDR where they merge several photos while aligning them and many other things. This looks like another area that the camera companies should learn from what is being done in smartphones.

Absent of this, having a continuously variable digital zoom would be useful. My Panasonic only comes with 2x or 4x. 4x is a bit too much, 2x works ok, but it would be much nicer to be able to get other values (even less than 2x). For example, if I want something between 140-280mm (on my 14-140mm), the current digital zoom implementation means I'm unnecessarily throwing away 3/4 of my sensor area to achieve that.

I think Olympus just has 2x, but maybe I have missed something. I have the Panasonic GX7II (GX85) and I have not explored this function yet.

The only lens I have used DTC is with the Olympus 75-300mm II. Getting to a pseudo 600mm (1200mm in FF terms) just seems so wild to me. I used to shoot film when a 300mm (150mm in m4/3 terms) was quite long. Sure it isn't as good as a real 600mm, but it can be fun and sometimes the results are even pretty good. I can even shoot that pseudo 1200mm-efl handheld most of the time.  Jeez, Louise! For the duck photo I didn't even have any support. I think I was kneeling or crouching and had no rail or post to use.

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