I think I'm in trouble.....Leica SL2

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Re: I think I'm in trouble.....Leica SL2

David V wrote:

In years past, I had been a Nikon DSLR shooter. Back in 2012, I switched over to Fuji and really enjoyed the output and experience. I have since moved back to Nikon with the Z7 and their great S line lenses.

Last fall, I jumped into the Leica fray with a Q2. To say that I am smitten with this camera is an understatement. Not only is it a joy to shoot, but the image quality is incredible. More than that, there is just a certain quality to the images that is so satisfying. I can't put my finger on it, but it's so pleasing, that I hesitate to shoot with anything else these days.

That's where the trouble begins.......After reading everything I can find and looking at countless sample images, I have been lusting over the SL2 and a couple of Leica L lenses (specifically the 24-90 and the 35/2), which would cover 90% of what I shoot and thinking about moving in that direction and going all in on Leica and the L mount system, which provides the option of a lot of really good, affordable glass from multiple manufacturers to fill in some other areas that I shoot less often (super wide and super long), while using the pure Leica glass for the 90% of my work.

Anyone else go down this path?

The moment I touched a SL2 in person, I was already in trouble.

But I didn't buy a SL2 yet, as I invested in glasses first, so I have Panasonic S1R for now, though I have to admit I am constantly thinking about SL2 (I really should feel content instead of wanting more).  I am the less is more type of person, so the way SL2 places its buttons and how it handles just attracts me more (and 200g less heavy).

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