5D mark IV vs R6 vs R5

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Re: 5D mark IV vs R6 vs R5

ASR45 wrote:

Not interested in mirrorless been there done that no thanks, as for video i have yet to use the video feature zero interest for me. I will keep my trusty 5DIV for some time to come, anything else regards to mirrorless and their crap battery life no thanks.

I understand what you are saying regarding mirrorless. It took me several years after ML was available to finally go conservatively and try the Canon RP.

I felt the same way going from film to digital. I used my Hasselblad and Canon EOS elan and 10s before I finally broke down and bought the Canon 10D well after many had digital cameras in their hands.

I sold my 5dMiii this year in anticipation of going ML. I should be picking up my R5 tomorrow but hanging on to my 1Dx for now!

At 67 years old I’m hoping there are not more quantum leaps I need to take but who knows.

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