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Re: Becoming Noctoral...

MVDH wrote:

In past week the comet Neowise grabbed my completely, and I have become Noctoral. It pulled me towards the Night sky and made me go outside for 4 nights trying to capture some night sky images.
I haven't done a lot of night sky photography in the past (other than Northern lights on a few Arctic Norway trips) but this comet seemed a good opportunity to go outside and discover night sky photograhy.

Unfortunately we have quite a bit of light pollution in Western Europe, best I have in my area is Bortle class 4.

Anyway, here some images I made last week. Unfortunately the past days have been cloudy and rainy, so I'm waiting for new opportunities. I believe around 12 August we have the opportunity of "meteorite showers" so when conditions are good I'll have a go at that one as well.

I was lucky to capture comet Neowise and a metorite in a single image under the Zeeland bridge, Oosterschelde - The Netherlands


Cool pic even without the comet!

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