Canon 5DS / 5DS R saturation and noise

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Re: Canon 5DS / 5DS R saturation and noise

Agree with much of what you say, except that fast lenses require money and weight, which is not always practical (especially when married). I have been using a 7D for the last 10 years and do not find the ISO limitations an issue 98% of the time.

The right combination of equipment = light.

I use the word "light" to mean how well illuminated the object is--not how little the equipment weighs.

Your choice is to use glass to reach that objective, but I would argue that if intended media or subject matter does not require the resolution, increasing the ISO would be just as effective.

That is the tradeoff mentioned originally above.

For example If 12 MP is enough resolution Sony's new A7IIIS ISO capabilities offers low light capabilities that are amazing. ( I watched a video that seems to indicate that it has a dual Base ISO of 640 and 16,000.) The images at ISO 16,000 are game changing.

I would also add vision and composition to your what makes a good picture.

This is my HCB comment.


Fair enough, I did understand your light comment. I was merely saying that cost and weight of faster glass are obstacle with solving the "light" requirements with glass over a higher ISO with a slower lens.

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