Where are all these videographers?

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Where are all these videographers?

I'm trying to understand a phenomenon I've been noticing since the Canon R5/R6 and Sony a7S 3 announcements - namely the bulk of the noise/discussions being on the video features and limits of these cameras.

Based on what I see here, on youtube, and elsewhere, you would think that 99% of buyers for these cameras are video-centric instead of stills-centric. I understand that Canon is partly to blame due to their marketing focus on the 8k features, but at the end of the day, the R5/R6 are stills cameras first and foremost (but that's not what this thread is about).

To extrapolate even further, based on what's floating around the web right now you'd think that camera buyers in general these days are aspiring videographers. So... is that true? If not, what are the facts (actual statistics)?

Based on what I can find, I'm still seeing way more content in the form of still photos than video, by orders of magnitude.

1st Data Point: All the big camera forum sites (this one, Fredmiranda, Photography on the Net, etc) dwarf the biggest videography sites that I'm aware of (cinema5d, eoshd). One easy way to check for that is through their Alexa rankings:

And that's not even taking into account of purely stills-presentation sites like instagram, flickr or 500px.

2nd Data Point: Sales figures of predecessor such as the 5DMark4, and a7S2. Can't find raw numbers, the best I can do is Amazon rankings:

  • 5D Mark IV – Rank #11,033 in Electronics
  • A7sii – #84,184 in Electronics

I would have love to come up with generalized stats for stills-centric cameras vs video-centric cameras, this this is good enough to make a point.

3rd Data Point: Not exactly a data point, but an observation that should be obvious - It is relatively easy to get into stills photography at the enthusiast level vs videography.
With a tripod and some Lightroom/Photoshop skills you're on your way to creating compelling photos beyond point-and-shoots.

But with video, to get into videos beyond hand-held shots you can easily get on a smartphone, you'd need to invest in mics, gimbals, sliders, a super-computer (relative to what's needed to process stills), etc. The workflow is just an order-of-magnitude more difficult.

Given the difference in barrier-to-entry, it makes sense that there would many, many more enthusiast photographers than videographers (which justifies the 1st data point above).

I can find tons of photographers on all sites listed above - from people posting occasionally on "show us your pics for X camera" threads, to semi-celebrities with hundreds of thousands of followers on instagram.

And yes, I am aware of videographers residing on youtube - but the scale is is just not the same (in terms of number of content creators on each "side") - and most content I've seen are in the form of gear reviews or gear-centric channels. Where are all the creative video content? Where are people posting their short films that they've made?

So to wrap this all up - is all this noise lately just another manifestation of the 80/20 Paredo Principle? I would love to know if I'm missing something (and you can back it up with data).

Sony a7S
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