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Re: X-T3 - Camera Setup - Tips/Tricks

danielianphoto wrote:

I've just purchased a Fuji X-T3 with a 10-24 f4 lens. Prior to this, I've been using a Df and 20mm for a lot of my photography. Great camera and lens combo.

So far the T3 has been a great move. I've enjoyed the lighter feel and the files have been great to work with, which was a worry initially coming from Nikon FF.

I was just wondering if there are any particular setup tips and tricks for the T3?

Contrats! Welcome to the X system.

This guy (Omar Gonzalez) has a great setup video on the X-T30 – linked here.

I would advise you to set up your shortcuts first. If you hold down the 'DISP/BACK' button by the d-pad, you'll see a menu of all customizable buttons and what they're currently set to.

You'll find everyone has their own approach. For reference / tips, here's mine.

  • Shutter (fn button by the shutter – allows me to instantly activate silent electronic shutter if I need the picture to be silent)
  • Playback (for I am a shameless chimper)
  • ISO auto setting (you have three options for base ISO/max ISO/min SS)
    • I do this differently than many... on all 3, my base is 200, max is 6400, and I just change the min shutter based on what lens I have)
  • Face/Eye detect
  • White balance
  • Performance (usually leave in 'Boost')
  • AF ON (back button focus)
  • Focus Check – my favorite customization, hate the default – pressing the af/l button zooms in (or waaaay in, if you rotate the command wheel) if I need to tweak focus.
  • Select Custom setting (super useful for me to scroll when looking through the viewfinder at what my picture will look like)

A few other things, since you mentioned using a tripod a lot...

  • Preview Pic Effect ON
  • Preview Exposure/White Balance in manual mode (EXP/WB)
  • Focus peaking!!! I use Red High.
  • AF + MF ON. Will allow you to autofocus, then tweak the focus on the lens ring. If you're using a lens with a focus clutch, turn this OFF.
  • Focus check... choose your favorite, or assign it to a button like I do.

Feel free to quote anything if it doesn't make sense. Again, welcome to X!

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