Canon 5DS / 5DS R saturation and noise

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Re: Canon 5DS / 5DS R saturation and noise

mikesco wrote:

One thing I am curious about. When I look at the studio scenes and compare the 5ds series camera's with newer Canon Camera's, yes the noise at higher iso's seems worse. However it also looks like the color saturation levels are quite a bit lower on the newer cameras. If The 5DS was desaturated in this way as well as down sizing the resolution, It doesn't look like the noise levels would be all that different at least in RAW. I would agree that the JPEG's look more improved in the newer camera's but that would be more of a function of in camera noise reduction software. Am I missing something, at which of the saturation levels are a more accurate capture of the original image? Is this also why the newer camera's have a bit more dynamic range, due to a reduction of contrast at the raw level?


yes, that has been my observation, as well. but then again, it seems like any new camera's photos posted on DPreview, the majority of those photos look so awful and unprofessionally done that they hardly represent the truth. i'd wait until the owner of these R5/R6 test their cameras out in the field and see the result. as far as the color saturation of 5Ds/sR is concerned, i see what you mean, i do observe richer colors shots taken with these 2 cameras OOC. i assume it must be the high rez sensor that causes this color richness, although it can be toned down on post! here are a couple samples:

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