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24Peter wrote:

Bisonbison wrote:

Thom says this on his site:

“I had a fever dream last night. Nikon took the Z50 image sensor, the D6 focus sensor, and the Z5 battery and created...the D580. That would be a DSLR that would snap heads (as well as any moving subject ;~). Too bad there wouldn't be any lenses for it. Maybe next dream...”

Would you want a Nikon to spend their effort and time on a Mythical D580 or put in that same effort towards developing a DX mirrorless equivalent of that camera?
They already have the sensor and battery down. Perhaps with a few tweaks to the z6/7 ii body (compatible with vertical grip and having dual processors) they even have a body in the works. They only need to stir the cauldron with the AF magic.

What are your thoughts? Or maybe I should ask what are your fever dreams? 😉

I think Nikon (if they're not already) should concentrate on developing a ML D5/D6 body (perhaps the mythical Z9.) An integrated grip, high read out full frame sensor/processor, killer AF system and unlimited buffer. I'm not sure what the attraction is of the Z50 image sensor. Use an all new, stacked high speed FF 24MP (or better yet 32MP) sensor and be on with it.

+1 on the integrated grip, killer AF and buffer. If they can source a stacked high speed sensor in this market without being hamstrung by Sony, that would be ideal. I too am hoping for a Z9... but more so for a little brother in a Z90, as it will be less expensive and provide more reach.

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