Vacation Camera-Olympus Vs. canon

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Thanks Guys....

I actually used and shot the EM1 Mark III today.

LOVE the grip. The body is built beautifully and is solid.

Love the size and ergonomics.

BUT, I Realized that it with the 12-00 is pretty much the same in size with the RP + 24-105F4.

I actually liked the eye AF way better in the RP and actually the picture quality even during the daytime was better in RP. Not loads better but you can look and tell them apart. I am just talking about SOOC Jpegs.

I have decided to take the RP with the 24-105mm f4, 85mm f1.2 and a Small Canon flash. Ireally like the EM1 and I can easikly say that if i didnt have the RP pictures side by side to compare with  the Em1MKIII, i would have liked the olympus image quality and would have been satisfied with it.

Thanks again guys.

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