Lightweight non-TTL automatic Flashes.

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Re: Lightweight non-TTL automatic Flashes.

bharathmsk wrote:

Thank you very much for sharing your insights @kli . I will checkout the cactus and the canon 580ex.

580EX doesn't have it. 580EX II does. Also the 600EX-RT and 600EX II-RT.

Similarly with Nikon it's only the high-end model: SB-800, SB-900, SB-5000, etc. that have it.

Why more manufacturers have decided to get rid of such a great option is beyond me.

Because TTL doesn't require you to set the iso and aperture on the flash, and gives you more control with flash exposure compensation. It's newer technology that replaced the older stuff, in the way of things.

While I like having autothyristors, I'm fine with TTL gear.

It doesn’t appear like removing it has made the flashlights any cheaper for customers.

Generally speaking, I think manufacturers like to increase the prices on their units, not reduce them.

Perhaps locking users with native TTL systems meant customers buying multiple units across systems and removing the option meant higher profit margin.

It did. Until Godox came along and made us all happy with cross-brand TTL support. Ditto Cactus's V6 II system, Nissin's Air system, and Jinbei's TR-Q7 system.

As I said, I'm fine with TTL gear. I use the same TT685-C in TTL/HSS over radio with my Canon, Panasonic, and Fuji gear. With remote power and zoom control. Really don't miss walking over to my SB-26 in A mode to change the ISO/aperture whenever I made a change on the camera.

If Godox could consider implementing such a circuitry in to their already great wireless systems, that would be extremely interesting.

Sure. But that would probably make it more expensive and it's old tech, not new, and not nearly as convenient as what they now have.

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