Moving from 7D Mark ii to Micro 4/3

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Re: Moving from 7D Mark ii to Micro 4/3

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Hi all,

I primarily shoot wildlife and I'm currently thinking of moving from my 7D mark ii to a Micro 4/3 set up - mostly due to the more portable nature of the equipment.

I've currently my 7D mark ii, with a canon 100-400mm mark ii & a Canon 500mm F4 L IS. Current thoughts are an Olympus E-M1x (2400 $) + 300mm F4 (2700$) for stills) & a Panasonic G9 (1000$) with Leica 100-400mm (1600$).

Wow; it's fun to have money to burn... That set-up is a bit redundant. Start with either EM1-? (E-M1.2 is fine) and 300 mm F4 with F1.4 TC or G9 / PL 100-400. BTW, the G9 is pretty good at stills too...

I just wanted to get people's opinions on the move and whether I'd see any downsides for wildlife photography with this set up in comparison with my current 7D mark ii.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the advice! I've done the calculations, and here in the UK by selling my current Canon gear (including a few other lenses) it would be roughly enough to cover the switch to an EM1x + 300mm and G9 + 100-400mm (on the 2nd hand market).

The potential switch is due to a) wanting to have a more mobile set up, so I can take lenses with far enough reach on hikes etc and b) starting to get into videography a little more - so the 4K 60 FPS of the G9 is certainly very appealing.

If true videography is what your are looking for, i'd suggest looking in on a used GH5 or GH5S (this one being especially good in low light). Jordan has made most of his DPReview TV clips on a GH5.

I just wish that Olympus had 4K 60FPS so I wouldn't have to consider 2 bodies! as from my research, the autofocus on the olympus bodies are much better than the G9 making it much more appealing for stills.

Weeell, hold on a minute. It is true that for multiple shots of fast action / moving subjects, the E-M1.2 has the edge but the DFD auto focus of the G9 is as good or better for single shots, very precise and - with Panny lenses mostly - lightning quick. For example, take a look at Trevor's pictures of planes and birds mostly taken with the PL 100-400. These critters are either a) in flight or b) very soon to be.

He also had this to say about the "crappy" G9 CAF...

I have to agree, I have no problems with AF on the G9

I feel so much better now that I've given up Hope

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