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tkbslc wrote:

... I actually had a tt350 for a Fuji at one point and it was a decent flash. No real complaints. I never got into the wireless flash stuff with it though. What would I need to control a TT350 or 2 remotely?

A Godox 2.4 GHz transmitter unit.

The current standalone transmitters for Canon are the X2T-C, the Xpro-C, and the Flashpoint R2 Pro II-C (Adorama exclusive).

The TTL/HSS speedlights, TT350-C/V350-C, TT685-C/V860II-C, and V1-C can be TTL/HSS radio masters on-camera as well as TTL/HSS radio slaves off-camera.  The single-pin manual speedlights, the TT600/V850 II, can be a radio transmitter with sync and power control, but not TTL or HSS.

If it has better wireless flash than Canon, that would be a good selling point.

It doesn't do everything the Canon RT system can (wake-up, remote shutter, map channel use). But it also does stuff the RT system can't (2nd curtain, cross-brand TTL/HSS, be low-cost. :).

The RT system can be used with larger strobes, it's just that everything's 3rd-party (Phottix, Jinbei, etc.), pretty much like Godox.  And nobody else has an AD200bare bulb flash/ministrobe.

I still have a bunch of dusty flash gear like stands and umbrellas stashed under my bed from 10 years ago. Could be fun to try that again.

Best place to get a refresher course is David Hobby's Strobist website. Lighting 101 is a great place to start.

I know with Canon, since the Rp doesn't have a pop-up, I will need a flash on camera to act as an IR controller. I have done that before, and it works pretty good indoors.

In the Godox lineup, only the TT685-C and V860II-C work in Canon's near-IR optical system.  But generally, radio is so much more reliable and effective than optical triggering, than simply using a transmitter on the hotshoe tends to be the easy way.

The main goal right now is to just get a bounce flash for indoor casual portraits and family pics, though.

Well, you're already familiar with the form factor and limitations of  the TT350 (lower power, less swivel, etc.).  My TT685-C is exactly the same size/weight/shape as my 580EX II.  So, bigger and heavier than the 430EX you used to have.  Either one should do fine.

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