Leibovitz attacked for not photographing someone right

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You didn't get it

MHshooter wrote:

You mean, ultimately, the only legitimate question is, "are the photos any good?" That should dominate above all the other nonsense. But there is a concerted effort to "erase" things today, that bother people, no matter how consequential and important they are.

Maybe(just a possibility) one etnic/professional group's perception of "goodness" does not match the others?

Maybe the world is a lot more diverse than black vs white and man vs woman?

Maybe photography will always involve a degree of criticism?

As for the image, i will say what nobody said so far. As someone who hates all professional athletes, the image is not great because it shows a muscular woman from a non-sexual perspective.

Most people simply want to see all women pictured like Marilyn Monroe. One, that's just sexist. Second, it doesn't work with athletes.

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